Shidokan Karate

Shidokan Karate was created by Yoshiji Soeno.

Kancho Soeno’s karate involves the use of traditional karate methods, knockdown karate techniques, thai boxing techniques and judo techniques. The style is based on his experience in all four disciplines both in Japan and competitively in Thailand.

It is sometimes described as the triathlon of Martial Arts as its tournaments involve knockdown (otherwise known as bare knuckle), Thai kick-boxing and grappling. (Tournaments are normally held in a boxing ring).

This is reflected in training at the dojo (the place of the way) which includes all the traditional waza (techniques), Judo/jiu-jutsu’, Thai-kick boxing and kata. Holds, pull-downs, locks, throws and strikes with the tibia and elbow are all part of the complete fighting system.

Shidokan is deep rooted in the budo spirit, with this and the extensive repertoire of techniques, it is an extremely strong and impressive style.

As the name signifies:

Shi – Samurai
Do – the way
kan – the association
“Shi-Do-Kan,” literally translated, means “The group that lives and trains in the way of the samurai warrior.”

Kancho Yoshiji Soeno

World Karate Association Shidokan – Founder

Kancho Soeno began his Martial Arts training as a child in his native Saitama Japan in Judo and Kendo. His search for the strongest Martial Art soon lead him to Wado Ryu before finally discovering the Legendary Mas Oyama and his famous Knockdown Karate that soon became Kyokushinkai on 1st September 1964.

These early days at Oyama Dojo were made up of the toughest of tough students, each one training to become the strongest martial artists in Japan, and Kancho was no different earning himself the nickname Tiger of Jyosai or Tiger of Kyokushin.

After a stint Kickboxing in Japan, Soeno Kancho also fought in the very first All Japan Kyokushin Tournament placing second, before fighting Muay Thai in Thailand under full Muay Thai rules.

He soon established his own Dojo, Soeno Dojo and Soeno Gym at which he taught Kyokushin Karate and Kickboxing but it wasn’t until 1981 that he left Kyokushin and founded The World Karate Association Shidokan.

Keeping with the old style of training at Oyama dojo and his own Martial Arts experience Kancho established Shidokan as a pre-cursor to modern day MMA, with a style that takes the best predominantly from Karate, Kickboxing and Grappling.

A living legend Kancho operates the Honbu Dojo in Japan and travels the world sharing his knowledge with his students in many countries visiting Australia at least once a year.