The information below is compiled from IHRSA, CDC, and communications from the NZ Ministry of Health:

  • Compulsory handwashing pre and post-workout for members/clients and staff. • Washing should be with soap and water for 20 seconds and hands dried thoroughly. Repeat often.
  • Avoid touching your face while working out / working
  • Encourage use of non-shared equipment where feasible (eg yoga mats, boxing gloves)
  • Compulsory use of non-shared towels on all shared equipment
  • Regularly clean shared equipment such as weights, mats, and machines. Disposable wipes will be in the Dojos from Thursday.
  • Let everyone know if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms to stay home and follow MOH guidance.
  • Sneeze or cough into elbows, disposable tissues are provided in the Dojos (use once and throw away).
  • Stay informed and up to date. Check out the latest information from the Ministry of Health regularly, as the situation rapidly changes.
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